EDIT: This is outdated; as there is a new version of Frugooscape. Keep this anyway, if newbies wish to read about the old Frugooscape.

1. First you must make an account by using the create account button.

2. Log on to your new FrugooScape account, Realm 1 or 2.

3. When you get on get some cool items

4. To start off type in ::ranarmor in your box then try other codes like ::newstuff0 ::newstuff1 and ::newstuff2 (these codes will give you automatic items usually consisting of skill capes and god swords, in realm 2 only.

5. You can also use ::pickup itemID amount to get a specific item of your choice. To find an item ID type that items name into the search box in the top right corner of your screen, realm 2 only.

6. If you want to get to lumbridge quick, type in ::resetmypos

7. You will soon notice that there is no bank. Don't worry just type in ::bank, realm 2 only.

8. To start training you can go to the varrock dummies and get up (attack on the dummies)and defence on the hay bales. To get strength up you need to turn sewer pipes in the varrock sewer, there is a bank now and it's currently down. You must train Range and Magic on monsters.

New Frugooscape

When you start playing, you are given a number of items, such as 2,500,000 gp, 20 of Varrock, Lumbridge and Falador teleports, and 10 Amulet of Glorys(4).

Type ::commands to see a list of commands. Here's the full list(Just normal, no donator, mod, admin or owner commands):

    • fpsoff
    • fpson
    • sit
    • unsit
    • shops
    • empty (WARNING: Doing this will result in your inventory to be permanently deleted.)
    • party
    • nazi (lol, DELETED.)
    • agility
    • changepassword
    • ep
    • gravepk (safe.)
    • help (call a staff member)

Need help spending your money? There are a number of shops selling various items. Get something and level up, duh. There's also your PK menu for all your PK'ing needs, selling stuff like armor sets, runes and food.

There are places to skill, so skill whenever. If you're bored, go PK or something.

In short: Kill stuff. Get ahead. Conquer the world.

(Nah, you can't conquer the world.)