The godsword is the most powerful wep. there 4 godswords in the game armadyl,bandos,zamorak,and saradomin. A brutally heavy sword is how to explain it. the godsword can hit over 90+ on runescape but on frugooscape its like: 30. imo id get ranged or magic up as magic is capable of hitting over 90+ but only hits 30 in rs and ranged can hit over 70+.

although the godsword is the best sword in the game it is considered crap by many due to how you wack it,how you weild it or/and the fact that magic and ranged is better.. you hold it like a dharoks greataxewhich is the second highest hitting weapon in fs and you whack the godsword like a scimitar.

thumb|368px|right|evidence of godsword-scimmy