Prayer Potions (EXPERT REALM)Edit

Prayer Potions are able to made at level 34 Herblore. They require a vial of water, Ranarr Herb, and a Snape Grass- all obtainable at the Herb Shop in Taverly, next to Falador. However, to get to 34 herblore, make attack potions until level 34, and bank/sell the attack potions.

Training for Herblore/Potion MakingEdit

Potions are only made by the Herblore skill or spawning. However, many people are looking to train Herblore, so here is a little tips.

Making PotionsEdit

In potion-making, you should be able to make Attack Potions. Just mix a vial of water with a Guam Herb. Add an Eye of Newt to finish the potion. Herblore is one of the best skills to master in the expert realm- for prayer potions are excellent for training and sells quite a bit. (Able to sell 150 Prayer Potions for 10 Million coins!)