Expert Realm is the one of the two Realms of current Unrealscape. Apart from the Cheater's realm, you cannot spawn items, use most of the commands, or even build a house (but still have house space). Spawning isn't allowed in the Expert Realm, so you have to buy most of your stuff or obtain it from a drop- or smith it. Dragon is smithable at level 95. Many people however are looking to spend money. A lot of people like buying Prayer Potions, magic bows, dragon armor, godswords, and Bandos/Dharoks/Veracs etc.. The stats of performing actions (like mining a rock) are in comparison of RuneScape (i.e. you need level 60 Defense to wear Dragon Armor). HOWEVER- You are able to gain experience at a 4x times higher rate than the Cheater's Realm- which is 8x faster than RuneScape, adding up to the speed of 12x MORE experience than the RuneScape!