heres some basic commands. they may not be on frugooscape but they are on other servers: remember to always put :: before commands!

pickup (item ID) (number of items wanted) eg. ::pickup 4151 1 would give you a whip for nothing.
home simply teleports you to your starting point.
resetmypos FRUGOO ONLY!! teleports you to lumbridge. hightly usefull when getting pked.
bank opens up your bank wherever you are and contains all the items you put into it.
noclip allows you to walk through walls.
npc (npc id) example. ::npc 2745 would spawn a jad in fron of me.
pnpc turns you into the desired npc.
mute MOD+ mutes the user eg. ::mute (players name)
permute ADMIN+ permanently muted the desired player.
hourmute MOD+ mutes the desired players(s)for an hour
unmute MOD+ unmutes a muted player
xteletome MOD+ teleports the selected player to you eg. ::xteletome (player name)
teleall teleports the entire server to you.MOD+
teleto teleports the player to the selected player.
jail one of the best commands MOD+ simply teleports the rule breaker to a selected jail.
yell global message everyone on the server sees ur message. eg. ::yell (ur message)
kill ADMIN+ inflicts whatever hitpoints the desired player is on.
ban/::banuser ADMIN+ bans the selected account.
ipban banns the ip adress to prevent ANY log ins on that pc. ADMIN+
resetskill resets a skill to 1 eg. ::resetskill (skill name)