My Guide:

Log in to frugooscape on the official website,

choose your realm. things to keep in mind, realm 1 has faster leveling, a bit more dedication is required as there are no cheats, and realm 2, which has all cheats, and no dedication is required.

If you start in realm 1, you may want to start off by going to varrock, and go to the building across from the varrock east bank, hit the dummies for attack expirience, search the hay bales for defense expirience, shoot the target for range expirience, and go down in to the sewers and turn valves for strength expirience. For mage, you have to just buy runes, and start by teleporting to varrock, and cast teleports as you can cast them. At 50 magic, you may use damage spells.

then, go train, buy items in the various shops as you want them, and kill monsters for wicked loot.

If you start realm 2, do whatever the hell you want. lol Start by using pickup codes, then go kill stuff.